About Lou

Hey! My name is Lou. I am a wife, mom, blogger, public relations communicator, and a digital marketing graduate. I started this journey with a small Facebook page in 2015 which later became a blog in 2016. 

In this blog, I share my passion to be organized in life and personal income. 

I found myself being a multitasking mom, doing lots of things for myself and my family. I focus to do one thing at a time to achieve the most I can. That is why I named my blog Mama Multitasking.

We all want to be the best mom we can be.  We raise our sons and daughters, we work, we go back to school, we do all kinds of things because we love our family.

Follow me and together we will learn, grow, and laugh. Let’s enjoy this mama life!

Sending you a big e-hug,

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