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The New Back to School List You Need in 2020

We all know this back to school season is different from others. This school year is new for our kids and us. Some countries have already gone back to school; some haven’t even finished the school year.

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In this post, I will tell you the things you need when it comes to the new back to school season:

1. Masks

Buy at least three to five masks per child.  Here are some disposables ones, but if you use the reusable kind, you’ll need to wash them after each use.  I think it is important to send your kid to school with one mask on and another face cover or mask in their backpack if they misplace it.


2. Hand Sanitizer

I don’t know about you, but I have seen hundreds of new hand sanitizer brands on the market right now; some liquid, some in gel form.  I have purchased some with a strong smell. Argh!  I could not find the Purell brand I used to buy in the dollar store; not anymore, but after a few searches, I was able to find in on Amazon.  I like that their formula is not sticky.  I love this 1 oz bottles for your kids to carry inside your backpack when they go back to school.


3. Instructions on how to wash your hands

Before sending your kids back to school, if you haven’t already shown them a video on washing your hands, I would practice at home a few days before they go back to school.  I love this video because it is relatively simple.


4. Buying for Girls

 Back to school shopping list for little girls might include backpacks, lunch boxes, and hair items like fun ponytails and hairpins.  Oh, how I miss these days! When everything I bought for her, she was excited! We loved unicorns and rainbows.  





Now, my daughter is still a tween, so somethings still excite her about mom, but then I realize the teenage years are coming.  

So, if you have a teenager, you may want to include some of these products in your back to school list.

Teenager Girl back to school list:

a. A cool makeup bag 

A makeup bag like this lets them put away their toiletries (pads or tampons), lip balm, or eyeliner in a cool holographic makeup bag.  I love this one is waterproof, in case they spill their drinks.

b. Small hairbrush

I love the Wet detangler hairbrush! I have bought many over the years, and I currently own two small and one regular size.

c. Lip balm

I love these lip balm tubes from Burt Bees! The smell is so nice. I simply cannot use another brand, love them! Have I said the word “love” a little too much? 🙂

5. Buying for Boys

a. Back to School Backpacks

Backpacks range in design and forms, but I like the one from Marvel! They have all characters cramped together!  All kids fans of Marvel would love this one:


Need a backpack for a teenager? even for college? I like this one because is water-resistant, has a USB port, and holds a 15.6-inch laptop!


b. Water bottles

Boys drink a lot of water! (Girls do too..) But, I like this one for them due to the design. This 20 oz bottle water is stainless steel and insulated. They definitely need to be hydrated this back to school!

6. Print at Home Poster

They return from school on their first day, and you say: please wash your hands! What about hanging one poster on your fridge, or even near your entry door?  This poster would be a kind reminder for them to wash their hands when they come back from school.  You just need to point out to it, no need to be nagging!

wash your hands poster

At the end of this article, you will find where you can download and print it and access ALL my freebies!!

I hope this list is useful to you!  Let me know what works for you in this new back to school era.

An e-hug,

Lou Mama Multitasking


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12 ways to save money on groceries

Have you gone to the grocery store for just one thing and came back with bags full of groceries? Or did you purchase almost every chocolate at the cash register?

Saving at the grocery store seems not humanly possible.  We feel like our spending is higher and higher each week.

We try to purchase items on sale, we even try to go less often and buy for a couple of weeks and then come back sooner than expected, what is happening?

Grocery stores are designed for us to purchase what we do not need, and we spend the maximum amount of dollars on our visit. Here are a few ideas to save money without using coupons:

1. Don’t go hungry

I know we all have heard of this, but I still have gone to the grocery store hungry. When I am there, I have bought not one but five extra items because I am so hungry that I purchased one thing to open in the car.  Yes, I ate that chocolate bar in the car! Your mind manipulates you when you are hungry, so don’t do it!

2. Plan your meals with what you already have at home:

Sometimes the planning of meals is just done at the moment without too much thought, or sometimes we do plan our meals, but do we take into consideration the things we already have at home? Have we forgotten about the time we bought that special sauce and just stashed it away and forgot about it? Try not to shop to keep stuff in the pantry, buy what you need, and use what you already have at home. At the end of this post, you will find my free resource library full of freebies! You can download them for free!  You will find lists that will help you get organized for your next grocery shopping trip!

3. Grocery list: 

Write down your grocery shopping list or use Amazon’s Alexa to make your list.  By the way, I love you using  Alexa  I tell her to add things to the shopping list when I notice I am running out of something.  Isn’t technology amazing? You may know what you have at home now, but you still need things to shop at the grocery store.  Once at the store, don’t fall for that item on sale that you do not need.  Why buy that bag of candy you see on sale? Just forget it and move on! Remember you are still spending money, even if it is on sale.

4. Don’t purchase chocolates, candy, and small extras at the cashier

I just told you that I ate a candy bar on my way out of the store. So, why am I telling you now not to buy these? They are there for a reason.  These are the things we DON’T need, and when you see them,  you are attracted to them.  These are expensive stuff that is overpriced and put there for you to see at the last minute.

12 formas de ahorrar en el supermercado

5. Freeze: 

Prepare your favorite meals and freeze them.  By doing so, not only allows you to save money but time as well.  Shop the ingredients once, cook once, and enjoy your meal twice or maybe even a third time.

6. Weekly or monthly budget

Set your mind to spend a weekly or monthly amount.  When I go to the grocery store, I have on my mind the amount I want to pay for the week, so I ask the cashier to stop when they see that amount on their computer screen.  I pass everything that I need first. If I am willing to buy an extra item, I leave it at the end, so, if I arrive at the amount before that item, I ask to leave it. I am sure I will not miss it. Even better, stick to what you need, as said before. Don’t take anything extra, even if the budget allows you.  That way, you will save money on your groceries.

7. Buy seasonal fruit: 

Have you seen limes that cost over $1.00 each? Fruit that is out of season becomes more expensive because there are not enough of them.  Buy fruits and vegetables in season, eat fresh, and freeze for future use.  Maybe you will want a mango smoothie or mango panna cotta in winter.

12 formas de ahorrar en el supermercado

8. Compare prices: 

Don’t get used to going to the same grocery store all year.  Shop around and see the prices in other stores.  Use a shopping app to compare prices. You might even want to check grocery stores that offer a price match. Change the store once in a while and review what others have to offer.

9. Eat more pasta:

We do not need to eat meat every day.  Trying a pasta recipe that does not have meat as an ingredient is a choice we can make to lower our food budget.  Also, try a vegetarian meal.  It is healthy for our budget as well as for our well being.

12 formas de ahorrar en el supermercado

10. Use meat as a secondary ingredient, not the main one: 

If your budget is already high and you need to save money on groceries, one way to do this is to drop the amount of meat or poultry you are buying.  Use two chicken breasts to feed four people in your home, if they are cut up in pieces in a casserole or a taco. One kg of meat will be enough to eat four times! So choose your recipes according to the amount of meat needed to stretch it a little bit more.

11. Go shopping alone: 

There is nothing more true to stay in budget, that to go alone.  Don’t take the kids or your partner.  They would want to grab many things not included in the shopping list! If you’re going to save, it is simple:  Don’t take them!

12. Visit the membership-type store once a month: 

I have to be just real honest here.  When we go there, I spend more.  If I go more frequently, I go over the budget for sure.  These stores have the newest and most lovable products, that when you see them, you want to have them at home.   The question is, do we really need them? Go once a month and shop for the items you need. Create a master list with everything you buy there, check your things at home before you go, and buy the stuff you need. If you need to go back before the month is due, go in for the thing you missed and not buy anything more. I prefer to buy a smaller size in the grocery store, maybe a bit more expensive than the bulk one, but I do not return to the member-type store until necessary.

Going grocery shopping is a task that we always have to do. Shopping out of the list and go over the budget is easy. Save this article, and keep it for when you want to go grocery shopping the next time.

I hope these ideas help you save! And I also hope your kids and partner don’t get mad when you don’t want to take them with you. smiley

An e-hug,

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