goals or new years resolution

Goals or New Year’s Resolutions?

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We are starting 2019 and people make resolutions for the year. They set small “goals”, but over the first 3 months, most have forgotten about them.

Don´t get me wrong…I love goals! Let me tell you why … because goals make dreams come true. For this reason, I do not believe in setting goals just at the beginning of each year.

Goals must be created regardless of whether they take 6 months, a year or more to make them real. Some people decide that they will begin to exercise in January, eat better, write a book, etc. But why wait until January to start? People who pursue goals or dreams do not wait to a specific date to start. Here I give you my reasons why we should set goals and not New Year’s resolutions.

  1. What are you waiting for? If you really want to do something, you do not have to wait at the beginning of the year to achieve it or to start planning for it. Simply, go ahead and do it.
  2. The euphoria goes away: It goes fast. When you least expect it, February or March is at the corner, and if you did not draw a plan to make your dreams come true, the emotion will fade.
  3. Create a plan: Goals are achieved little by little and then when you almost do not expect it, they take you to your dreams. Make your plan in writing and put it somewhere you can see it. Do not leave it to your imagination. The more concrete it is, the more reachable it will be.
  4. The ideal moment: There will not be a perfect day to make your plan. The ideal moment does not exist, you will simply have to start any day of the week. Do not wait for that golden moment. Start little by little and you will see how you will reach your goal.
  5. Goals must be measurable. Yes, this sounds like a university teacher, but if you cannot measure your goal, then how will you know that you achieved it? Write your goal, for example, I will only drink two coffees a day or I will walk 15 minutes a day. This way you will know, day by day if you are fulfilling it.
  6. Achieving your goal! It would be awesome if you give yourself a small prize for having achieved what you wanted to do. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, your reward should be something unrelated to food. For example: lose 10 pounds … I will read a motivation book. I ran one mile, I’ll buy the right socks for running shoes. Giving yourself small rewards keeps you going. This will give you the energy to create more goals and create new targets for your life.

Having goals and dreams is part of living an exciting life. Do not let the happiness of the new year be the only motivator to set goals. Plan them, put them into practice and make your dreams come true. Do not wait for someone or yourself to give you permission to start. You are the owner of your life and you can start the moment you want.

I wish you success in your goals, whether they are for 2019 or not.

Sending you an e-hug,


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