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How to Plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping in 2020

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales drive us crazy but do we need to stress? Here is how to plan for Black Friday and some tips.

Sales, sales and more sales…finding a parking space will be difficult. I usually take advantage of Black Friday sales to go shopping in my favorite stores. 

How to plan for Black Friday shopping

I take my printable checklist, a list of every Christmas gift I would like to buy with an established budget. (Look for it at the end of this article)

Maxing up our credit cards is not ideal. If we overspend, we feel guilty, guilty of spending on things we did not need. Remember that buying on impulse can take us to overspend on something that could take us months or even years to pay. 

Here some tips on how to prepare and plan for de Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Tip # 1: Let’s buy what we need on Black Friday 

On Black Friday, we want to be responsible and buy what we need and what is on the shopping list. Tennis shoes for my daughter because she outgrew the ones she had, snow boots for the year, jeans for my teenage son, and Christmas gifts. These are examples of what I need to buy this year. I will go into the stores to look for these items and look away for any other items, not on my list. (This would be hard, urgh!) Make a list, set a budget, and be ready for the day. At the end of this article, you will find my FREE checklist that you can print at home to prepare to go shopping on Black Friday.

Tip #2: On Black Friday, search for store hours in advanced and NEW 2020 measures

Before Black Friday, look for store hours, new 2020 measures in place due to COVID-19, look for curbside pick-up availability, and local delivery options. Check out what is the best time to go. I am all in when it comes to supporting your local stores. Call them to check if you don’t find information online. This is a particular time to help them, and going an extra step further will provide you with the information.

Tip # 3: You have a debt to pay, or you do not need more things, DO NOT shop on a Black Friday

If you already are dealing with paying a lot of debt and you think Black Friday is just a temptation, then it is better not to check at the sales that are going on. Don’t go to the mall that day, go to a park, eat out with your family, but don’t put yourself into the temptation to spend more. If you don’t need anything, don’t go. There is no need to go shopping.

Tip # 4: End-of-year Bonuses 

If you receive an end-of-year bonus and have debt, apply the money to get out of it as soon as possible. Pay your car, student loan, mortgage. Don’t acquire more debt by shopping on Black Friday. Not everybody receives bonuses; some people work by the hour or per contract. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, don’t spend it quickly. Save it or invest it. 

Tip # 5: Skip Black Friday and Save

Do you have an emergency fund already established? The advice is to save five to six months of income to cover any emergency. That means if you are in a couple and both work, and you need both payments to cover expenses, you need to save six times that amount to have an emergency fund. If you do not have it, start saving. Living month to month is no fun. This fund will help you with any unforeseen event—unemployment, death of a loved one, sickness, etc. Having to deal with an emergency without savings means going into debt. 

Black Friday should be taken advantage of only if you have planned where to shop, prices to pay, and if you have the money to spend.  

Tip # 6: Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

Don’t want to deal with Black Friday, then take advantage of Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the next Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Stores with online shopping take advantage of selling online as they did with Black Friday. Just check prices before the day. There have been stores that increased their prices that day, or they leave the regular price. Do your homework and check out the everyday prices at least a week before. 

Print your checklist. Plan your shopping and budget, be prepared to shop Cyber Monday sales. Find at the end my FREE printable for you to print at home. Look for it with the name: Black Friday Shopping List.

Cyber Monday Black Friday

I hope you plan and prepare for this 2020 Black Friday. Stay within spending and shopping budget. Just remember, the end-of-year expenditures should not be dragged away to the next year.

Sending you an e-hug!

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How to Plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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