2 easy steps to be well organized

We are left at home with more time than ever! Some have baked, cooked, exercised, and even organized their home and time! All that is great!

I created a poll on Instagram and the result showed that 69% of the people have dedicated their time organizing their home.   I am so happy about these results that I decided to write about it.

Being organized is my life.  I love to have goals to pursue.  I achieve them, little by little, but chasing dreams takes an extra effort.  Finishing college has been an extra push from myself and my family. This is just an example of what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something.

Have you been watching Netflix, reviewing all the series, and new movies that are there to watch? Binge-watching for days, and then you realized I have done nothing but watching TV? Or, did you baked and cooked new recipes, sewing, crocheting, or whichever your new hobby is? I am not criticizing! I have done the same things. A time-out from reality is good, we all need that!

However, my resting days have passed.  By the way, they started at the end of April when I finished school 🙂 and now I am looking back at my life goals! My life without goals is like a life with no direction.

So, here are my two easy steps to be organized, and I always use them to put my thoughts into paper.

Weekly Lists: 

Once a week, I sit down to write the things I need to get done for the week. These things are not just tasks for the home or errands. They always include something I need to do in order to achieve something. Write them down and track them during your week to see how you did.

Daily To-do Lists:

Write down your tasks and small goals you have for the day. You can easily be reminded of what you need to do just by looking at the list.

To help you get organized, you will receive a pop-up form that will provide you Weekly and Daily to-do lists in PDF format (click here if you missed it).  You can print them many times as you like.

I hope these simple steps are the base to set you to be well organized.  You will feel that you are accomplishing your goals!

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3 Easy ways to go back to your routine

We have been watching Netflix, we would want to remain at home, a cup of coffee in hand, and never go back to our routine. I guess by now, we are kind of liking this.

The quarantine has given us the chance to be together at home, no rushing, and wearing pajamas all day long.

However, someday, we have to return to work, school, or our regular activities that took place outside of the house.

We have been dreaming of having some time off, something to take us out of the routine. Of course, we never imagined how it became real. We started to have time for ourselves. Now, we have time to Zoom our friends, read a book, or play a board game with our kids.

I have to say, it has been great! Cooking for the family, catching up with friends, finishing school, and submitting my homework. I know not every family is fortunate. Thank you for all hard-working people who have essential jobs, going to work everyday! I truly admire you! And the families struggling with COVID-19 and people dealing with grief. My heart and prayers go out for you!

How many times in a month do you take time for yourself? A little treat for you?

You do everything for your family, you even have homeschooled your kids, and you sometimes put yourself last.

So I am telling you three things that will make you go back to a routine with a different attitude.

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Time for You

Making time for you is not being selfish. You must take care of yourself first to take care of your family. If you get sick or stressed everything falls out of place. You are the one person taking care of your home and the one who organizes everything for your family.

Mark your calendar, one specific day, at a specific time, and do something good for you. Read a book, do yoga, talk to a friend, whatever it takes for you to relax. This will bring you back to your regular routine with a happy attitude.

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Just Say No

You feel obligated to everyone and you think you need to do everything that is being asked of you. You feel exhausted at work, then you come home and find out that you are invited to a family event that you need to go. (Maybe not on COVID-19 times). All your relaxing time for the weekend is gone, you have to show up to Aunt Annie’s crochet group.

Maybe, it is time to say NO to some of the activities. You can contribute to Aunt Annie’s party by sending her some cupcakes that you purchased from a friend, or you go to the crochet party but don’t stay too late.

I do not recommend to say NO to everything or every invitation. This suggestion is only to be used when you feel overwhelmed and need a break. Choose YOU instead of someone else. Taking a break from everything once in a while is a good thing for you.

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Once you have more energy, take some time to analyze and focus. Make a list of all your things to do, your goals, everything you have in mind. Act on them. Once you are relaxed, all your goals and plans seem easy to pursue.
Make priorities within the list and focus on them first. This will help you to focus on the important thing and not urgent things.

With YOU in mind, you will remember to take care of yourself first. You will be in a great mood, relaxed, and focused. You are not a machine, you need time to relax.  If you leave your coffee maker ON the whole day, it would burn, right? (Well, let’s imagine that they do not automatically shut off) You need to turn OFF and relax once in a while. You deserve it.

An e-hug,

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