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The New Back to School List You Need in 2020

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We all know this back-to-school season is different from others. This school year is new for our kids and us. Some countries have already gone back to school; some haven’t even finished the school year.

pencils back to school

In this post, I will tell you the things you need when it comes to the new back to school season:

1. Masks

Buy at least three to five masks per child.  Here are some disposable ones, but if you use the reusable kind, you’ll need to wash them after each use.  I think it is important to send your kid to school with one mask on and another face cover or mask in their backpack if they misplace it.


2. Hand Sanitizer

I don’t know about you, but I have seen hundreds of new hand sanitizer brands on the market right now; some liquid, some in gel form.  I have purchased some with a strong smell. Argh!  I could not find the Purell brand I used to buy in the dollar store; not anymore, but after a few searches, I was able to find in on Amazon.  I like that their formula is not sticky.  I love these 1 oz bottles for your kids to carry inside your backpack when they go back to school.

3. Instructions on how to wash your hands

Before sending your kids back to school, if you haven’t already shown them a video on washing your hands, I would practice at home a few days before they go back to school.  I love this video because it is relatively simple.


4. Buying for Girls

 Back-to-school shopping list for little girls might include backpacks, lunch boxes, and hair items like fun ponytails and hairpins.  Oh, how I miss these days! When everything I bought for her, she was excited! We loved unicorns and rainbows.  


girl with mask  

Now, my daughter is still a tween, so some things still excite her about mom, but then I realize the teenage years are coming.  

So, if you have a teenager, you may want to include some of these products in your back-to-school list.

Teenager Girl back to school list:

a. A cool makeup bag 

A makeup bag like this lets them put away their toiletries (pads or tampons), lip balm, or eyeliner in a cool holographic makeup bag.  I love this one is waterproof, in case they spill their drinks.

make up bag

b. Small hairbrush

I love the Wet detangler hairbrush! I have bought many over the years, and I currently own two small and one regular size.cepillos de pelo wet brush

c. Lip balm

I love these lip balm tubes from Burt Bees! The smell is so nice. I simply cannot use another brand, love them! Have I said the word “love” a little too much? 🙂

Burt Bees lip balm

5. Buying for Boys

a. Back to School Backpacks

Backpacks range in design and forms, but I like the one from Marvel! They have all characters cramped together!  All kids fans of Marvel would love this one:

back pack 

Need a backpack for a teenager? even for college? I like this one because is water-resistant, has a USB port, and holds a 15.6-inch laptop!

grey back pack 

b. Water bottles

Boys drink a lot of water! (Girls do too..) But, I like this one for them due to the design. This 20 oz water bottle is stainless steel and insulated. They definitely need to be hydrated this back to school!

water bottle stainless

6. Print at Home Poster

They return from school on their first day, and you say: please wash your hands! What about hanging one poster on your fridge, or even near your entry door?  This poster would be a kind reminder for them to wash their hands when they come back from school.  You just need to point out to it, no need to be nagging!

wash your hands poster

At the end of this article, you will find where you can download and print it and access ALL my freebies!!

I hope this list is useful to you!  Let me know what works for you in this new back-to-school era.

An e-hug,

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